Ionic White For a visible shiny smile!

Ionic White™ Teeth Whitening System is an easy to use LED-activated
technology, clinically proven to achieve shiny white teeth at home.*

More than 10 000 000 happy customers worldwide


Ionic White For a visible shiny smile!


Teeth get whiter with each application


5 Easy to Follow Steps -
Switch on the LED Light 3 Times for 2 Minutes


Harmless LED Light activation of the ions in the gels

Get a Super Sexy Smile in 2 Minutes?

  • The effect is visible after the 2-nd minute. You complete the teeth whitening procedure in 14 days.
  • A quick and simple way to get a shiny white smile: the device has an inbuilt timer to switch off after 2 minutes. For greater results, rinse and repeat twice times more! Approximately 21 minutes later, your teeth will be visibly whiter.
  • For best results use the device 3 times for 14 days as it is suggested. Clinically proven.



* Results may vary depending on individual teeth condition and enamel type.

Get a Super Sexy Smile in 2 Minutes?

Removes Years Of Stains in Just 2 Minutes

LED Light Technology

You are just minutes away from a shiny whiter smile.

Ionic White™ features state-of-the-art teeth whitening technology, industry-unique and very cost-effective, combining safety LED Light and Silver Ions.

The Ionic White™ gel contains silver ions that are activated when exposed on the blue LED light risk free. The silver ions make the active whitening substances start working more intensely and quickly, and in this way they penetrate the teeth profoundly. Your teeth will be effectively cleaned from stains caused by tea, tobacco, coffee, cola, juices and red wine.

This kit is meant to be used once a day for 14 days! You start seeing the results after the 1-st application!

The teeth whitening continues for several days after the first application. The two “Stay White” sprays can be used 2-3 times a week during and after the whitening process in order to maintain the fantastic shiny appearance of your new white teeth.

Ionic White™ neither damages teeth nor the most sensitive gums!

The effect is noticeable soon after the 2nd minute of the functioning of the magic light and in 21 minutes your teeth will be visibly whiter.

Why Do Dentists And Other Professionals Recommend Ionic White™?

Dentists and other professional teeth whitening service providers offer this kit to their patients and customers for either whitening their teeth at home or for maintenance after laser teeth whitening. Either way, it gives excellent results.

The Art of Smiling …

Why Use Ionic White Teeth
Whitening System?


White teeth make you smile adorable!

  • Effective – Affordable – 100% Safe
  • Guaranteed results with anybody

Be more Confident!

White teeth will increaseyour self-esteem!

  • Revolutionizing the art of smiling
  • Unique clinically proven formula

Get a Better Job!

A shiny white smile is a precondition for success!

  • The effect will remain for the next 2 years
  • Absolutely no pain

* Results may vary depending on individual teeth condition and enamel type.

Teeth Whitening Process

The affordable way to have your teeth professionally whitened at home.

Follow these 5 easy steps to a beautiful white smile!

  • 1

    Squeeze the entire contents of Whiteningt Gel No. 1 onto the center of Ionic White mouthpiece.

  • 2

    Squeeze the entire contents of Gel Accelerator No. 2 onto the center of Ionic White mouthpiece.

  • 3

    Place Ionic White™ unit in your mouth and turn it on for 2t minutes. (Approximately 21 minutes)

  • 4

    Remove Ionic White mouthpiece and swish the remaininggelfor 5-7 minutes, then rinse.

  • 5

    For maximum effect, repeat steps 1 to 4 another 2 times!
    Warning: Within the period of 14 days, you have to make 3 complete applications with the gels!

Rinse Sprays Application

The Whitening Rinse Sprays (Spray No. 1 and Spray No. 2) are meant to achieve the maximum effect during and after finishing the treatment. They are used 1 to 2 times per week for the maintenance of white teeth.

Spray No. 1

Spray the teeth 6 times with Whitening Spray No. 1 The content is enough for 180 sprays.

Application of Spray No. 2

Soon after, spray the teeth twice with the Whitening Activator Spray No. 2. Apply the device and leave it to act until the light turns off automatically after 2 minutes. Rinse and smile (enough for 90 sprays).

Use Тhe Light, Get Тhem White!

Change your smile, change your life!