Anthony, Newcastle

I’ve already used Ionic White various times. Normally I’m a very careful person regarding using products on my teeth. I have sensitive teeth and for me it’s important that the product doesn’t have any side-effects. I discovered the Ionic White device is very effective and easy to use. I was so happy with the result. There was no side-effect. I recommend it to anyone who intends to whiten their teeth. So you can forget the dentist (I particularly hate going to the dentist). I will never regret trying Ionic White. It can be used for a long time and at the same time the kit protects your teeth from coffee, tea or red wine stains that dentists always forget. And finally, bearing in mind the price, it’s not a bad offer at all.*

Stephen, Portsmouth

After using Ionic White once, I was dazzled. For years I hadn’t been able to combat the stains on my teeth and every time there was either no result or the effect was only temporary. Only a few days. Last time I paid a fortune for some very expensive treatment at the dentist (who I usually have faith in because I’ve been going there for years). I spent a lot of money and by the end of the week my teeth were so different to how they were after going to the dentist. I saw this site by chance and decided to give it a go. After all, what could I lose? The price was low and I hadn’t heard anything other than a surprising result, it was also quick, only a day, but also long-lasting. I cannot believe it. I’m a smoker and this is the reason why I have the problem of yellow teeth. The Ionic White kit seemed reliable because it contained tubes of the whitening product, a light that instigates the effect and a spray to maintain the whiteness afterwards. I’m already a fan and I recommend it to anyone who has problems with yellow teeth, above all smokers.*

Marcus, Grimsby

I strongly recommend this whitening product Ionic White! The result was a pleasant surprise, but I couldn’t understand why there were so many products in the packaging. Why did you need that spray?! But I knew afterwards, thanks for all of your recommendations and explanations on the site. This really worked and has a long-lasting effect. *

Pauline, Manchester

Previously I didn’t think it was possible for people to have white teeth. But now mine are white and shiny! I tried Ionic White and I didn’t make a mistake. I had been for treatment at the dentist but there was no effect, neither with laser treatment, nor with any other ridiculously expensive whitening techniques. Thanks to Ionic White I now feel perfect and have started to smile again.*

Rachel, Castleford

This is a substitute for going to the dentist. However, it’s even better. With the help of Ionic White which I recently discovered on the market, my teeth now shine and my friends are envious. Honestly, I like to experiment and I’ve already proved this with numerous things. However, my teeth are really sensitive and I couldn’t drink anything cold, icy or even speak. With ionic White, I was born again. There is even a spray to keep them white afterwards.*

Mary, Liverpool

I still can’t believe how Ionic White works. I still can’t recognise myself in the mirror. There are also no side effects! I’ve been doing it for four months and my teeth haven’t changed at all: they’re so white.*

Rebecca, Oxford

It’s true: the product is amazing and without doubt of very high quality. I can’t praise it enough and the whitening component is in line with the standards, which is very important for me. I’ve already read about the products that contain too much of the active substance which simply damage your teeth. With Ionic White it’s not the same, everything is within the recommended quantity (it’s written on the packaging) and it is very well explained on the site. It’s a truly professional product!*

Chris, Southend-On-Sea

I’m sceptical by nature and it was because of this that I found this product. I bought Ionic White and decided to try it. I was very careful during the first application; I barely put the gadget in my teeth before I took it out. However, on taking it out, I noticed the difference from before when they were darkened with coffee and I still don’t know what (I’m not a smoker but I have a problem with stained teeth). The following day, I noticed that my teeth had become very different, compared with the day before. Therefore, I decided to use it until the end and waited a few days, after I was convinced that there was no damage, or side effects. My teeth didn’t feel sensitive, or anything else. I was very satisfied and now I’m continuing with the spray. My teeth are white and are staying that way. The price is also great for this quality.*

Melissa, Cambridge

I tried Ionic White and now I have exceptional teeth. It’s like being in a Hollywood film…*

Anne, Exeter

Thank you for offering the Ionic White device! I’m really satisfied and I can finally smile. I like to drink coffee and at times, maybe because of the red wine, my teeth look horrible. It was a colleague who recommended this product by telling me that she had recently tried it and that she was already really happy. I also saw the effect. Extremely shiny and healthy teeth. She said that she’d tried loads of things. One time she had done something with her teeth, she applied a very strong product and had pain in all her teeth. How dreadful! As there are many fake products, I can assure all of you that Ionic White works. Use it and the effect is incredible. I couldn’t recognise myself in the mirror, everyone noticed me and I think I make more eye contact because of this! I’m not worried about smiling.*

Susan, London

Now my teeth are bright and shiny and I can’t take myself away from the mirror! My boyfriend compliments me incessantly and has since decided to try it because he’s a smoker and although he claims not to have problems with his teeth, they are now quite different to mine. When my classmates at university saw me, they started to ask me what I’d done, and who my dentist was. I recommended it, with certainty; because some classmates confessed to me that they had very expensive dentist treatment, something like 300 – 500 euros… There are people who speak of a pen that can harm your teeth because at first glance it doesn’t seem damaging and it’s easy to use, but it turns out that it harms your teeth because the active substance surpasses the advised levels and because of this it affects your teeth. With Ionic White I can boast that I no longer have these problems. Everything is great! The whitening substance is within the advised standard and works perfectly. Perhaps the LED light is its own technology. Finally, it’s well worth the price!*